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Observing Paul began its Rock-n-Roll march in the summer of ’96 in Astoria, Queens when lead guitarist Johhny C and Croatian Rock Icon Mio joined up causing musical mayhem up and down Alphabet City. Together they toured with bands such as Ice’em Jones, Basil Foe-Me, Blenda Man and the ever popular Little Jack Little and his Toy Piano. Bassist Guise’p also known as Panama Joe to most Latin women, and the Gillian Beret drummer VonDe met up at CB’s during a 3:AM brawl – The two formed and played in bands like Golden Purse, No X-0. Hey Papa Jack, and Fere Krassi Colopitro. Touring Romania, Czech Rep. and other Eastern European countries where no-bands dare to go. The four met at an all night poker game at the Lizmar Lounge while losing all their cash, instruments, and sanity to Axel Rose and a couple of his “slackies”
They have been together ever since … One Fine Mess

– Observing Paul

Observing Paul

Observing Paul

Observing Paul, the summer of ’96. Lead singer Mio and guitarist Johnny C had been playing the NYC circuit for years, in bands like Ic’em Jones and Basil Fomeen before finding the working chemistry known as Observing Paul. Bassist Guise’p and drummer VonDe had been in bands such as: The River Rats, Golden Purse, and Hey Papa Jack. The four met at an all night jam at a place called Lizmore Lounge. They have been together ever since. One fine mess.



“-And if I die for you would you resurrect the monument”

New York City’s hardest working band is lead by singer/poet/guitarist. Croatian born charismatic rebel combines politics, truth and the existence with the natural beast of
Rock ‘n’ Roll

John Carpente Guitar Player Observing Paul

Johnny C

RAGED and ELECTRIFYING guitar player unleashes soulful, memorable vocal harmonies, with unstoppable fat bar room guitar riffs. JC is guaranteed to mesmerize while leaving trails of breathless & screaming women in his wake.


The backbone and skeleton frame that creates this musical skyscraper. tight and sharp playing are not only heard but felt. His bass emphasizes and reiterates the strong downbeats and flow that keeps OP swimming.
“Never stop playing brother”


This boys energy is enough to light up a city. His personally time felt tempos, his ability to groove, surrounds the the music and takes this band well past the typical bands that have no clue what dynamics are all about.

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